Organized By
The Department of Social Work (UGC Centre of Advanced Study),
Faculty of Social Sciences, Jamia Millia Islamia (A Central University),
New Delhi, India
International Conference on Social Work Education and Practice
Jamia Millia Islamia (A Central University), New Delhi, India
20th to 22nd February, 2017 (3 Days).
The Department of Social Work (UGC Centre of Advanced Study), Jamia Millia Islamia (A
Central University), New Delhi, which has its genesis in the community development
programme of the country, has been a pioneer in Social Work Education. This conference therefore proposes to review the situation, learning and issues around Social
Work Education and Practice in India and abroad over the last 50 years. Some of the issues
that the conference wishes to focus on are:
1. Relevance and Efficacy of Social Work Education
2. Changing Scope of Social Work Profession
3. Challenges before the Profession
4. Knowledge in Social Work, Trans-disciplinary nature and resistance to new Knowledge
5. Evidence based Practice
A. To review Social Work Education during the last 50 years.
B. To understand major global and regional socio-economic, political changes and their
implications for Social Work Education and practice.
C. Envisioning the future vis-à-vis the role of Social Work Education and Practice.
Major Themes of the Conference are:
1. Scope of Social Work Profession
2. Methods of Social Work and Practice Areas
3. Pedagogical Issues/Curricular Aspects
4. Core Competencies
5. Fieldwork in Social Work Education

Lalita- A role model for Kullu women

Lalita- A role model for Kullu women.
Position Title : President
H P Mahila Kalyan Mandal
Lalita the President of our organization Himachal Pradesh Mahila Kalyan Mandal was a girl born to a Tehsildar of the British times . Lalita is the president of the HP Mahila Kalyan Mandal, Kullu, HP. She is a role model for all other women who have been the home makers and have never been able to make their life outside the walls of their houses . Over two hundred Mahilla Mandals of District Kullu are associated as members of the HP Mahil Kalyan Mandal. She has been elected as a Zile Parishad member from Neuli ward of district Kullu and has contributed in that capacity also,to the society . Lalita lost her father at a tender age of 4yrs and was brought up by her mother who became a widow at the age of 21yrs . Her mother worked very hard single handedly to raise her two children . She grew up in a very conservative background and was able to attend regular school till the higher secondary level . She was allowed to finish her graduation only as a private candidate . She completed her BSC as a private student .
She was married in a traditional household of a small village of Seaubagh near Kullu. Her mother in law was a very strong personality and under her domination she very quietly and submissively made her place in the house fulfilling her role very diligently. She later in her life got this opportunity of being a part of HP Mahila Kalyan Mandal . She is very quietly and effectively has been able to contribute in running the activities of the organization which were initiated by Shimati Chander Abha. New programmes under her kept evolving and today HPMKM is working for the welfare of women, children and disabled section of our society .