Miss Manasvi Noel- Miss India Canada


Aug 22 2015 441

Manasvi Noel was crowned Miss India Canada on August 15, 2015 by Priety Zinta in Toronto, Canada. She has also been recognized in the A-list as one of the Top 55, Most Eminent Indo Canadians by Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. She shared the list with the Defense Minister of Canada and many reputable personalities of Canada.

Manasvi considers herself to be a strong humanitarian and a feminist. Her aim is to work for the progress and benefit of the underprivileged, especially women. Her main focus has always been to empower women through equal opportunities, strength and confidence.

Manasvi Noel also aims to spread Mental Health Awareness. She is working with the Love Heals Organization, as an ambassador in Mumbai to erase the stigma on Depression and Anxiety. She also recently wrote a testimonial for the Live, Love, Laugh Foundation, a mental health initiative by Deepika Padukone. Currently she professionally performs and teaches fusion belly dance. She aims to promote acceptance, confidence and empowerment in women of all ages and sizes.

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Crowned Miss India Canada visits Disha audio books recording studio

Miss India Canada Manasvi Noel will be visiting recording studio of DISHA Ngo- The Harbinger of Social Change and Development at 3pm today i.e.  31/05/2016. Miss Manasvi Noel is Canadian Indian and is out to work for the marginalized group. She has already visited Civil Services Organisation (CSO) at Mumbai, Delhi and Kullu and will be in Chandigarh before returning to Canada.

The personal profile along with photographs of Manasvi Noel are posted in the profiles section of www.ourcivilsociety.com.

Information received from Smt. S Joshan- President of DISHA.

Book Review: Pyre,Author: Perumal Murugan

Book: Pyre
Author: Perumal Murugan
Translated from the Tamil by Aniruddhan Vasudevan
Publisher: Hamish Hamilton
Pages: 270
Price: Rs 399

The prose is deceptively simple and sparse. And yet it has the effect of hitting you hard like the blazing sun, the parched land, the rock, and the thorny karuvelum shrubs. A perfect setting in the true Tamil literary tradition of the bards from Sangam period — it is the landscape that symbolises the nature of men.

Tamil writer Perumal Murugan, a poet and a scholar, knows how to handle masterful imagery and human emotions. Especially when he delves into the emotional space of his women characters, be it a coarse, unloving mother-in-law or the soft, sparrow-like, bewildered new bride.

Murugan’s Tamil novel Pookkuzi, translated into English (Pyre) by Aniruddhan Vasudevan, brings out the subtle nuances in an amazing, evocative style. It must have been a challenging job translating the Kongu rural dialect into English. Thankfully, Vasudevan does not slip into an idiomatic literal translation, which would have marred a supple narrative, while retaining the regional colour and the lilting tone of the original prose. It is a sensitive translation done with great care. There is not a single word that jars and the narrative is more tightly woven. (The original drags in the middle and is repetitive). One wonders why the translator’s name is not on the cover.

It is a haunting tale, of love and desperation; of societal prejudice that is potent enough to destroy ; of the fire of hatred that consumes the community; of caste pride and its resilient force that is felt to be life-affirming though there is nothing else to boast about; of innocent love that fails to understand the engulfing fire.

Pyre is the love story of Saroja and Kumaresan, who belong to different castes. Murugan is careful not to mention the specific castes to which they belong. Saroja is a city girl, a motherless child, reared fondly by her father and brother. Kumaresan, from a faraway village, goes to the city in search of a job and finds shelter in the building Saroja lives in. They fall in love. The love narrative that is woven in between the chapters is like a silent song.

They elope, get married with the help of a friend and Kumaresan takes her to his remote village. Family bonding is very important to him and he knows that the village community will not approve of the inter-caste marriage. But he believes that once his mother and the others have a look at the fair-skinned, pretty Saroja, everything would be fine.

He is, however, shocked, and Saroja is terrified when they come face to face with a mother and a family raging in fury at this breach of faith. It is no ordinary fury. The words spit like fire. The abuse showered with physical blows is dehumanising. Why did Kumaresan take her there? The story unfolds mostly through Saroja’s perspective. The scorching, vast expanses of arid land, the taunting language of women, and Marayi, the mother-in –law, who is in constant dialogue with goats and dogs and the sky, bewilders her. Marayi’s monologues are laments that she sings as dirges, as if her son were dead.

Is she real, wonders Saroja. She is frightened to the core. It is Saroja’s story; her struggle to cope with the surroundings that reject her. She, a dreamer, clings to every word of assurance from Kumaresan, believing a better day would dawn. Kumaresan is loving and kind but feels helpless at the unreasonableness of his people. “Is it a crime to marry the girl I love?” he asks his mother after days of silence. It angers her even more, a woman who was widowed at the age of 20 and had remained “impeccable” in her conduct.

Honour killings in Tamil Nadu, the land that saw a unique movement against caste hierarchy, have become more visible than before. By getting us close to the lives of Saroja and Kumaresan, to the land and language, of beliefs and prejudices, of hatred and cruelty, Murugan seems to attempt to shake us out of the numbness. He gives us a terrifying vision of intolerance. It will haunt the reader for a long time.

Vaasanthi is a Tamil writer


Youth for peace in Jammu and Kashmir

Affiliated with J&K
Senior Citizens Council For Peace & Civil Rights
Press Release
A grand meeting under the banner of Youth for peace affiliated with J&K Senior Citizens Council For Peace & Civil Rights was organized at Dak Bunglovk
Kishtwar for involving the youths to maintain the peace, communalharmony and brotherhood which was chaired by Distt Development Commissioner, Kishtwar(Mr G.N.Balwan) and Chief guest was SSP Kishtwar(Mr Sandeep Wazir).Large number of youth who were enrolled in the organization were given identity cards besides number of youths were provided Forms for enrollment . The State President of the Senior Citizens Council For Peace & Civil Rights Mr Abdul Majeed Bichoo apprised the youths forparticipation in the different programmes besides welcomed the most respectable senior citizens who havealways provided their servicesin the past and at present too, are contributing as per their capacity. This is the first initiative started from Kishtwar where youths are being involved in peace process and it will be taken up in every nook and corner of the State. The orators Mr Manmohan Gupta, Mr Abdul Salam Butt, A.M Bichoo. Jagdish Raj Gen. Secretary, Qazi Mushtaq Ahmed, Ramesh Chander Sen, Zaffar Ali Doolw al, Syed Ahmed Shah among the senior citizen welcomed the youth for initiating such activities besides promised to work for betterment of the society. Among youths Rakesh Kumar Gupta threw light on the past happenings and also suggested for unity and to fight against the ill elements and make the Kishtwar a peaceful city and all the peace lovers were asked to approach 9419139673, 9419154440 .9419192226 for constituting block wise committees in Distt Kishtwar.
Mr A.M.Bichoo has recognized the positive and effective performances of Distt administration viz. DDC and SSP Kishtwar besides Distt officers youth service sports (Dewan Chand), social welfare (Fulail Singh) Cultural and Languages Uc( Gulab Safi) .It was also unanimously brought the problem by the youngsters unemployed youth to/he notice of Distt administration that SSB while considering the Distt cadre selection drags all eligible short listed candidates to Jammu or at Srinagar for viva which creates problem not onts to candidates but also to parents and even suffers the District officers functioning since as a member they too have to move to Jammu or Srinagar. Whereas if it is conducted at Distt Level only one nominated chairman of the Board had to move instead of involving Distt officers and number of candidates which was later also endorsed by the Senior citizens. Distt Development Commissioner, G.N.Balwan and SSP Sandeep Wazir gave assurance to youths that their all positive action will be appreciated and administration will come forward with them for any peaceful activity and hoped that Kishtwar youth will definitely show a good picture and will make the Kishtwar as a model for peace, communal harmony and brotherhood. Prominent others who were present on the occassion were Mr Abdul Rashid Girl. Jagdish Raj Bhagat, Mr Kewal Kristian Sharma, Bal Krishar Parihar, Brij Lal Sharma. Gh Mohd Shah, Gh Mustafa Malik and other senior citizens among youth Mansoor Ahmed Matto, Ajaz Ahmed Doolwal , Prehlad Sharma ,Ayaz Ellahi Bichoo, Engineer Masood ur Rail, Anil Singh ,Javed lqbal Naileeb, Shahnawaz Qazi, Dr Azhar Moomin Firdous Ahmed Gagroo, Rakesh Gupta, Aklitcr Qazi, Tariq Hussain Butt and others. (A.R.Giri)

World Environment Day

Environment Society of India is organising cycle rally in Tricity on the occasion of World Environment Day on 5th june rally would be started from Sector 5 Panchkula, Sector 112 mohali and will reach at Kalakriti opp DSOI Sector 36 Chandigarh At 9.am on that day. All are requested to please participate. Please send your detail through SMS, whatsapp email etc.

nkjhingan81@gmail.com, esichd@yahoo.co.uk. Ph 9417004937.