52 per cent senior citizens apply for maintenance allowance: NGO Survey

NEW DELHI: At least 52 per cent senior citizens move court for maintenance allowance while 48 per cent are involved in property-related disputes, including revoking of their will, according to a survey conducted in four states by an NGO.

The Helpage India survey on the effectiveness of the Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act was conducted in eight districts of four states — Punjab, Haryana, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

The states were selected based on the preparedness to implement the act and the number of cases filed and settled over a period of time. Two districts from each state were selected based on the highest number of petitions filed.

“58 per cent petitioners faced physical abuse (beating and hitting), 28 per cent suffered mental torture. Most cases of physical abuse were reported from Punjab, mental torture from Kerala and neglect from Tamil Nadu,” the survey findings revealed.

According to the survey, at least 52 per cent applied for maintenance allowance and 48 per cent for property-related disputes, including the revoking of will.

Maintenance-related petitions were highest in Punjab and property-related petitions were high both in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

While 36 per cent petitioners faced open disapproval for filing the petition, 31 per cent of them were “avoided” by other family members after filing the petition.

At least 24 per cent petitioners had to face indifference of the family members while abuse from family members increased in 2 per cent cases.

NGO helps combating Dangers of E – Waste

Bengaluru is the third largest producer of e-waste in the country.


Bengaluru: If India is today the fifth largest producer of e-waste in the world, Bengaluru is the third highest producer of it in the country , only after Mumbai and Delhi.  And here’s the shocker :  Only 10 per cent of the city’s 37,000 metric tonnes of e-waste is treated, says an NGO,  Environmental Synergies in Development (Ensyde).

With the rest of e-waste finding its way into water bodies, the city’s groundwater could be in danger of contamination,  activists rightly warn.


“If not properly disposed, the lithium that is found in mobile phones and computer batteries could leach through the soil to reach groundwater, which local communities often depend on for drinking. This could be a serious health hazard,” says Mr Mahesh Kashyap, a consultant with Centre for Sustainable Development. Pointing out that e-waste is one of the fastest growing waste streams in the world, Mr Pranshu Singhal, founder of Karo Sambhav, an e-waste producer responsibility organization, says as much as 95 per cent of e-waste is handled by the informal sector in ways that are harmful to the environment. ” With growing e-waste, the number of impacted livelihoods in the informal sector will also grow,” he warns.

Thankfully, the Union Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change proposed amendments to the rules on e-waste management last year to allow the e-waste recycling ecosystem in India to build its capacity and meet targets.

“The proposed rules will enable producers to make an informed choice in picking a responsible recycling partner, who offers the best available technology instead of working with any authorised recycler to meet the collection targets. This minimizes the risks involved in working with an industry which has lacked the required scale and competence” Mr Singhal explains, welcoming the fact that the amended rules provide clarity as well on the penal provisions for violation of the e-waste management regulations.

आर्मी वाइव्स एनजीओ शुद्ध पानी प्रदान करता है – सेना जल!


आर्मी वाइफ वेलफेयर एसोसिएशन ने ‘सेना जल’ की पहल शुरू की है। इसके तहत महज 6 रुपये में बोतल बंद पानी मिलेगा। अमूमन पानी की एक बोतल बाजार में 15-20 रुपये में मिलती है। समाचार एजेंसी एएनआई की खबर के मुताबिक पानी के बोतलों की बिक्री से होने वाली कमाई जवानों और युद्ध में शहीद हुए सैनिकों की विधवाओं के लिए खर्च की जाएगी। बेहद कम दाम में पानी की बोतल मुहैया कराने के लिए सोशल मीडिया पर लोगों ने इसका जमकर स्वागत किया है। लोगों की प्रतिक्रियाओं की बाढ़ सी आ गई है। लोग अभी से अपने-अपने इलाकों में पानी की इन बोतलों की मांग कर रहे हैं। एक यूजर ने पहल का स्वागत करते हुए ट्विटर पर लिखा- ”यह बहुत अच्छी पहल है। जो लोग हमारे लिए दिन-रात काम करते हैं, उनके प्रति जागरूकता देखकर अच्छा लग रहा है। कोई भी शख्स प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी के कामों को नकार सकता है, लेकिन इस बात को नहीं झुठला सकता है कि इस जागरूकता के पीछे पीएम मोदी का हाथ है।”

सेना जल के प्रति लोगों का झुकाव सोशल मीडिया पर साफ नजर आ रहा है। लोग पूछ रहे हैं कि फिलहाल इस पानी को कहां से खरीदा जा सकता है। एक यूजर ने लिखा कि जबरदस्त काम किया है। गौरव शिंदे नाम के यूजर ने पूछा है कि यह पहल केवल सेना के अधिकारियों पर लागू होगी या सैनिकों की पत्नियों को भी शेयर मिलेगा? मिस्टर एम ने पूछा- ”क्या कुरियर के जरिये यह पानी मिल सकता है?” निशांत सोनी ने लोगों से ट्वीट कर गुहार लगाई है कि इस पानी के उपलब्ध होने पर वे दूसरी किसी कंपनी का पानी न खरीदें। बाबू थकेला ने इस बात को लेकर आशंका भी जताई है कि क्या कॉरपोरेट कंपनियां इस ब्रांड को तरक्की करने देंगी। 

Army Wives’ NGO provides Pure Water – Sena Jal!

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Next time when you are thirsty and want to buy a bottle of water, apart from the well-known mineral water brands, there is another alternative for you. Sena Jal, an initiative of the Army Wives Welfare Association (AWWA), will cater water bottles to you at just Rs 6. AWWA is itself making these Sena Jal water bottles. Its packaged water bottle was inaugurated on October 11, 2017 and from then onwards, they are updating their services from time to time. Sena Jal is Made by our Indian Army Families. They are also offering Sena Jal for Rs 10 which can cater to you as well as your family.

But, what appeals most to buying these water bottles is that money collected will be used in the welfare of soldiers & war widows, and hence will be a support to the Indian Army. Also, to help families of soldiers, the dealership of Sena Jal can also be obtained. You just have to contact the AWWA Secretariat at the Defence Headquarters in New Delhi for the same.

AWWA it is an invisible hand to Indian Army. Madhulika Rawat, wife of current army chief General Bipin Rawat is running this AWWA. It is one of the largest voluntary organizations in India that has charted its course for fulfilling the societal obligation through social empowerment and skill building of spouses and dependents of Army personnel. AWWA aims at the holistic development and well-being of Army Wives including their children and rehabilitation of war widows and differently-abled children.

It also takes an active part in the activities of Central and State Governments in their efforts towards national re-construction aimed at improving the living conditions of rural poor amongst the above categories of persons and protecting the human rights violation against the Army personnel and their families. AWWA provides emotional support and financial succour to its brave heart widows and is constantly working for the social and economic empowerment of this section. For socio-economic empowerment of this section, many micro ventures like Project Aahwan, Parisharm Cell, Lunch Projects, Paper Recycling plant etc have been initiated.