Aruna Asaf Ali Memorial Trust

          Aruna  Asaf Ali Memorial Trust

Aruna Asaf Ali (Bharat Ratna) an illustrious daughter of India. Her legendary role in India’s freedom struggle and outstanding services  to the country in the post Independence period stand out as a model to be emulated by fellow Indians.  The Trust was established in 1997 in memory of Aruna Asaf Ali. Later, Aruna Asaf Ali Memorial Trust Bhawan was inaugurated on 25th Feb 2006 in sector 44-A , Chandigarh.

Aruna Asaf Ali Memorial Trust build a Bhawan in her memory for the upliftment of the under privileged, specially the women, girl child and the children, an equitable society free from communal and caste hatred and world peace.

Five sections started functioning in 2006 for:

  1. Child Labour Education Centre for working children.
  2. Open school where those children are admitted who have never been to school or drop outs.
  3. Computer Training Centre with nominal fee and free for the poor young boys and girls.
  4. Beautician Training Centre for girls and ladies to train them in skills.
  5. Craft centre tailoring, embroidery machines and hand knitting crochet etc.
  6. Every Wednesday a counselling commission meet and tries to bring about amicable solutions of family disputes through counselling. In heinous crimes like dowry deaths and rape, the victims are helped to get justice.

Present Projects

Presently the trust is running:

aruna asif 0041Disha: Child Labour Education Centres (Aruna Bhawan,Sector44; Labour Colony, Sector 25). Under the project children are adopted and prepared for class 5th They are provided books, uniform and other materials. The trust under takes to support them till they obtain admissions into  courses  vocational.aruna asif 0042


Open School: (Aruna Bhawan; Labour Coloney, Sector 21, Panchkula) A similar centre to Disha is being run at Panchkula as an open school.                                                               

Craft & Tailoring Training Centres: (Village Nads; VillageNaya Gaon; Village Togan; & Aruna Bhawan) Women & girls are trained in cutting, stitching and embroidery. On completion of the course an exam is conducted by the ITI in Chandigarh and  Certificates are awarded to successful students. Sewing machines are  also gifted to the needy.

aruna asif 0035

Beauty Therapy Traning Centres: (Village Naya Gaon; Village Togan; & Aruna Bhawan) six month training in basic Beauty culture is provided by professionals. Successful students are awarded certificates and kits to start  their own work.             

aruna asif 0047 

Computer Centre: (Aruna Bhawan) The computer lab has 9 work stations. The trust runs  6 month basic courses followed by another 6 month intermediate level course for students. Successful students are awarded  certificates. Most of  students get placed after completing the course.   aruna asif 0046

Counselling Sessions: Every Saturday  counselling sessions are held between 11.a.m to 2 p.m. Cases of violence against women, Dowry disputes, rape, desertion, and female foeticide are taken up. Efforts are made to bring about amicable settlements. Where a heinous crime committed, the victim is helped to get justice within the legal frame work.

Food Nutrition Scheme: Children attending the classes at Aruna Bhawan are provided 200 ml milk and a sweet bun before the classes.

Medical Camps: Bi-annual medical camp are held at the Bhawan. Local doctors, volunteers, and pharmaceutical companies donate medicines for the patients.aruna asif 0034

Awareness Camps for Women: Camps are held annually for under-privileged women at the Bhawan and Sector 25 Labour Colony. They are given practical information about laws that give them equal rights as citizens.   aruna asif 0032


  Relief Aid: The Trust helps in organizing relief in the form of funds, clothes, and also assists in the rehabilitation of people affected by major calamities and natural disasters. A safe Shelter for battered and homeless women is located at the Aruna Trust Bhawan.aruna asif 0043

 Extra Curricular Activities: Outing and Picnic are also organised for poor children and women.  aruna asif 0033                                 

Annual Inter-Collegiate Debate: Since 1997 an annual Debate or Declamation contest on socially relevant subjects is organised in districts of Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh.