Blankets & Other Diwali Gifts for Poor Children by Disha NGO.

Blankets were distributed to the underprivileged children by Disha a local NGO; in addition to other Diwali Gifts. These children are being prepared for admission to school and belong to parents working as care takers, gardeners, House maids and other supporting staff.

While Smt. Bindu Arora donated the Blankets, other gifts were donated by Smt. Jatinder Gulati. Dr. Monica Singh, HOD, Department of Social Work, Panjab University; Smt. Simrit Josan, President, Smt. Veena Jain and Sh. Charanpreet Singh; also participated in the celebrations.

The children were also told the story of Ramayana and the importance of Diwali. They were also told not to burst crackers and light up their homes with earthen Diyas. They were also made aware of the time between 8:00 pm and 10:00 pm when crackers are allowed on Diwali Day.