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Review :- Tikli & Laxmi Bomb Written By Aditya Kripalani

Published January 9, 2016 by priyanikomal

Quote for this Book :- The Only Thing that the society has done for them(sex workers) is to label them as “prohibited”.

My Views :-
In our Country, where every news is made a breaking news, where law & orders are pure myth and scamp are for channel TRP’s than why the dark side of our so called “modern” society has not been exposed yet ??

In this male-chauvinist society where women are forced to become salves of this insane patriarchy, in these ongoing situations this book is a sarcastic slap to all those narrow-minds who think that women aren’t important part of this society.

This book keeps revolving around Tikli & Laxmi and their gang who are sex workers by profession…From Tikli’s sparking & bold trait to Laxmi’s flare-up trait,From Mhatre’s evil aspect to Shinde’s greediness, From Those peanut farts to those non-bearable snores,From Sharanya’s – Tsamchoe’s supportiveness to Mangatram & Manda’s creepiness, From the Revolution to the sacrifices…this is a thought-provoking read.

Wow & Oops Of The Book :-

Language :-It was a commendable attempt on the authors part to experiment three different languages on a same project but somewhere this mixture was a bit clumsy.

Content :- Many have written women-centric books in the past but the thought & aim of this book was quite unique & fresh but somewhere i felt the execution was bit off track as episodes were irrelevantly repeated (Like that farting-snorring one,old monk-peanuts one,existence lines all).

Overall , This book unveils the opaque side of sex workers life thus, raising a series of questions in my mind that is Why these sex workers are criticised and not the people who feast upon them & Why their existence is invisible to our “smart-phonic” society. ??

(Being produced as a film also)