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NGOs & Care Givers resolve to enable the Disabled

  The Prominent NGOs of the City working for the Empowerment of the Disabled along with the care givers of the disabled, under different categories; called on the Government and the Society to create the Eco System for upholding the dignity, respect and Honor of the Disabled Persons in the Society by enabling them with […]

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Chanda Kochhar, Priyanka Chopra amongst five top Indian Women

ICICI Bank’s MD & CEO Chanda Kochhar   Five Indian women have found their way to the 2017 edition of The World’s Most Powerful Women List, brought out by Forbes.       The Indian women on the 14th edition of the annual rankings include ICICI Bank’s MD & CEO Chanda Kochhar (ranked 32); Roshni […]

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What are the Important Causes of Income Inequalities in India

There are various factors responsible for this phenomenon. We may group them under the following four heads: Growth Factor: As development proceeds, the earnings of different groups rise differently. The incomes of the upper-income and middle-income groups rise more rapidly than those of the poor. This happens in the early stages of growth through which […]

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17. A Life Free From Violence The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act

  The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act: Editor: Sheela Ramanathan Presented by: Shristhi Kathuria and Shivangi Sharma A Commentary This is a compilation of commentary on the Domestic Violence, women face, which goes normally unreported because of the lack of a support system. The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005 has […]

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16. Why I am an Atheist?

Why i am an atheist? Main nastik kyun Haan? By: Shaheed Bhaghat Singh Presented By: Jaswinder Kaur Recorded at Disha Recording Studio, Chandigarh. Disha – Harbinger of Social change & Development, is an NGO working to support Person’s with Disability and uphold their Dignity, Honour and Pride with esteem. Disha is Recording Audio Book’s for […]

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15. The Affluent society

The Affluent society Writer: John Kenneth Galbraith Presented by: Dharmesh Meena and Kirti Rohilla Wealth is not being its advantages and the case to the contrary, although it has often been made, has never proved widely persuasive. But, beyond doubt, wealth is the relentless enemy of understanding. The poor man has always a precise view […]

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14. Handling exams stress

Handling Exam Stress Written by: Gagandeep Kaur Presented by: Sneha Gulati It’s exam time and the pressure is back on children. This time is the most stressful period of the year for students, but it is important not to let this stress go out of control. In an exclusive conversation, Dr Gagandeep Kaur, Clinical Psychologist […]

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13. Organizational Behavior Tenth Edition by Stephen P. Robbins

Organizational Behavior Tenth Edition by Stephen P. Robbins Presented by: Dharmesh Meena By going from one chapter to two , I’ve been able to bring in new leadership related material such as programing issues, mentoring self leadership, online leadership, and the GLOBE studies on cross cultural leadership.   Previous editions had a box theme on […]

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12. Discover Yourself Spirituality for the Modern Youth

Discover Yourself Spirituality for the Modern Youth Written by: Radheshyam Das M.Tech., IIT Mumbai Presented by: Sneha Gulati Vedic oasis for inspiration, culture & Education (VOICE) Can a Scientist believe in God? Did man evolve from apes or from Brahma? Was universe created by a big brain or did it spring from a big bang? […]