16. Why I am an Atheist?

Why i am an atheist?

Main nastik kyun Haan?

By: Shaheed Bhaghat Singh

Presented By: Jaswinder Kaur

Recorded at Disha Recording Studio, Chandigarh. Disha – Harbinger of Social change & Development, is an NGO working to support Person’s with Disability and uphold their Dignity, Honour and Pride with esteem. Disha is Recording Audio Book’s for Student’s and General Book’s for all Visually Impaired. Disha has established a Recording studio at Chandigarh.

Now Read why i am an atheirst?

By Shaheed Bhaghat singh

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15. The Affluent society

The Affluent society

Writer: John Kenneth Galbraith

Presented by: Dharmesh Meena and Kirti Rohilla

Wealth is not being its advantages and the case to the contrary, although it has often been made, has never proved widely persuasive. But, beyond doubt, wealth is the relentless enemy of understanding. The poor man has always a precise view of his problem and its remedy: he hasn’t enough and he needs more. The rich man can assume or imagine a much greater variety of ills and he will be correspondingly less certain of their remedy. Also, until he learns to live with his wealth, he will have a well observed tendency to put it to the wrong purposes or otherwise to make himself foolish.

As with individuals so with nations. And the experience of nations with well being is exceedingly brief. Nearly all, throughout all history, have been very poor. The exception, almost insignificant in the whole span of human existence, has been the last few generations in the comparatively small corner of the world populated by europeans. Here, and especially in the united states, there has been great and quite unprecedented affluence.


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14. Handling exams stress

Handling Exam Stress

Written by: Gagandeep Kaur

Presented by: Sneha Gulati

It’s exam time and the pressure is back on children. This time is the most stressful period of the year for students, but it is important not to let this stress go out of control. In an exclusive conversation, Dr Gagandeep Kaur, Clinical Psychologist at Unique Psychological Services, tells  about how children can best deal with stress, how they can plan their studies well, and what the parents and teachers should do to help students.



To download or play click: handling exam stress audiobook

13. Organizational Behavior Tenth Edition by Stephen P. Robbins

Organizational Behavior Tenth Edition by Stephen P. Robbins

Presented by: Dharmesh Meena

By going from one chapter to two , I’ve been able to bring in new leadership related material such as programing issues, mentoring self leadership, online leadership, and the GLOBE studies on cross cultural leadership.


Previous editions had a box theme on “From concepts to skills.” The expressed desire by both students and faculty for increased skill coverage led me to create the skill building modules in this edition. These modules have been integrated into what i call the KSS program. KSS refers to the three elements in building effective OB skills: knowing the concepts, self awareness, and skill applications.

A Must read for students of MBA, HR and supervises at all  levels of Management and Administration


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12. Discover Yourself Spirituality for the Modern Youth

Discover Yourself Spirituality for the Modern Youth

Written by: Radheshyam Das M.Tech., IIT Mumbai

Presented by: Sneha Gulati

Vedic oasis for inspiration, culture & Education (VOICE)

Can a Scientist believe in God?

Did man evolve from apes or from Brahma?

Was universe created by a big brain or did it spring from a big bang?

Man cannot compete with a Kangaroo’s Jump, an eagle sight, an elephant’s Eating, a dog’s Smelling etc. What then is nature’s special gift to man?

Is accepting the vedas not blind faith?

Can you prove the existence of soul scientifically?

What stops us from being happy always in this world?

Beauties of this world turn ugly like grapes turning into raisins. Is there no everlasting beauty?


Turn the pages of this book for answers to the above and many more thought-provoking questions that you always wanted to ask but were afraid to.


To Download and Play click: Discover Yourself Spirituality for the Modern Youth audiobook