Technology Saves Life


Mr. Sanjeev Kamboj

A group of students led by Sanjiv Kamboj, a BDS student undertook to save lives by donating blood; in the hospitals and the blood banks, more than three years ago. The group has now multiplied to over 3000 members, all over Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh. The group has been named Udham Emergency Blood Donation and Welfare Association and is now spreading to Delhi. The group functions through whatsapp only and has no regular office or documentation. Coordinators have emerged in different towns who inform the local groups regarding the requirement for blood or platelets, received from different hospitals or nursing homes. All the communications are through Whatsapp.

The president of the group Sanjeev Kamboj is now a student of MDS at Sirsa in Haryana and Whatsapp is the control tool by way of which several lives are being saved each day. Arashdeep Kaur is coordinating the group at Chandigarh but is disappointed that the PGI does not encourage girls to donate blood.

During the Dengue season, several calls from the hospitals for fresh platelet. This process of isolating platelets costs 2-3 hours to the students but with high motivation levels they do not diter and report to the blood banks or hospitals from 10-30 minutes of receiving a call. Accidental emergencies sometimes make the youngsters leave their bed and hostels for the noble cause.

Sanjeev Kamboj’s personal numbers 9888973864, 9783710013 have become the SOS numbers for Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh besides the personal numbers of coordinators in different cities. As if donating blood by the boys and girls was not enough; the group goes on to organise charity langars and distribution of woollens, books and stationary and other materials required by the poor and needy in the society.

The group has now started a website for documenting the contributions of its members called

Next time you think of Whatsapp don’t consider it just a messenger for jokes and gossip. After all it is the Massiha and saviour for precious lives.


Mitra Jyothi, Banglore: A friend of the Visually Impaired

Mitra Jyothi, Banglore: A friend of the Visually Impaired
Welcome to Mitra Jyothi, a registered charitable trust formed in 1990 with the objective of integrating persons with disability into mainstream society. We believe that all persons with disability have the potential to become independent and self sufficient and given the right opportunities can achieve their goals and play a useful role in the community.

Initially, Mitra Jyothi was set up specifically for the empowerment of visually challenged persons, now our work extends to cover persons with other disabilities as well. Mitra Jyothi has designed a variety of training and support programmes that will assist persons with disability become independent and instill in them the confidence to achieve their goals.