Voluntary Organisation for rural reconstruction and action (odisha)

District: Ganjam
State: Odisha
Name of the Chief Executive with Designation: manoj Kumar sabat secy cum MD
Ngo Name: Voluntary Organisation for rural reconstruction and action (VORRA)
Contact No of Chief Functionary: 7008634381
Contact No of NGo: 9178995230
Postal Address: Burupada Dist Ganjam 761146 odisha
Email: voraandmanoj@rediffmail.com
Area of Interest: Aged/Elderly, Awareness, Rural development, Skill Development, Sports, Housing

Alternative for Rural Movement (Odisha)

District *: – Balasore

State *:- Odisha

Name of the Chief Executive with Designation *: Ln. Rajendra Rana, Coordinating Member

NGO Name *: – Alternative for Rural Movement (ARM)

Contact No of Chief Functionary *:- ————

Contact No of NGo *—————————–

Postal Address *: – At; Parulia, Po: Asti, Via: Baliapal, Dist: Balasore, Odisha, 756026

Email *:- armorissa@gmail.com

Area of work *:

  1. Awareness
  2. Agriculture
  3. Adolescents
  4. Aged/Elderly care
  5. Rural Development
  6. Women/Gender Issues
  7. Environment
  8. Disaster preparedness and Rehabilitation Community Health
  1. Child care and protection
  2. Nutrition promotion
  3. Sanitation
  4. Community Radio
  5. Skill promotion

District Handicapped Welfare School (Odisha)

District   :- Subarnapur

State   :- Odisha

Name of the Chief Executive with Designition.  :- Uttam C.Dehury,    Secretary

NGO Name.            :-District Handicapped Welfare School

Postal Address.   :-At.Bhinnakshyam Vihar, Kalapathar (Sonepur),Dist.Subarnapur,

                                  State-Odisha,INDIA, Pin-767017

                     E-mail.  :- dhws.org@gmail.com

                                                                               Area of work :-Disability Education,Rehabilitation,Skill Devt. ,Sports etc.

Madhyanchal Utkarsh Bahuuddeshiya Vikas Samiti.

District : Sidhi (M.P.).

State : M.P.

Name of the Chief Executive with Designation :

Ngo Name : Madhyanchal Utkarsh Bahuuddeshiya Vikas Samiti.

Chief Functionary :Ajay Kumar Singh (Project Coordinator)

Postal Address : College Stadium Road, Near CMIT College, Vivekanand Nagar, North Karaudiya, Sidhi (M.P.).

Email :madhyanchal.sit@gmail.com

Area of Work: Training and skill development, Health , computer education and IT , digital literacy mission, employment and awareness and carrier counseling

Website: http://www.madhyanchal.org/

Madhyanchal Utkarsh Bahuuddeshiya Vikas Samiti.

NGO – Citizen Circle for Social Welfare and Education files P.I.L against cancerous use of pesticides in Fruits and Veggie.

File picture of the Bombay high court.


Mumbai: A NGO has filed a PIL in the Bombay high court, raising several issues such as alleged use of hazardous chemicals in fruits and vegetables by traders and vendors, excessive use of pesticides by farmers, death of 20 farmers in September this year due to excessive use of pesticides in the state, and use of antibiotics on hens in poultry farms. The petitioner has requested the court to direct the state government and concerned departments to frame a policy to control these problems.

NGO, Citizen Circle for Social Welfare and Education, through its president, Arshad Ali, has filed the PIL based on information gathered from news reports published from time to time. The petitioner’s lawyer, Syed ShehzadNaqvi, has claimed in the petition that the health of the public at large is at risk due to use of chemicals, pesticides, antibiotics and genetically-treated substances in fruits and vegetables and in poultry farms.

Advocate Naqvi pointed out in the petition that in October this year, due to excessive use of pesticides, 20 farmers lost their lives in Maharashtra. The petition further claimed that according to a December, 2016, news report, out of the total fruits and vegetables exported to Switzerland, 34 per cent contained pesticides beyond the standards set by the European Union (EU). It also claimed that in 2014, Saudi Arabia banned import of chilli peppers from India after tests in the country’s laboratories revealed that the vegetables contained pesticides in proportions enough to cause cancer. According to the petition, the consignment of chilli that was sent back was sold in the Indian market. Later in 2015, UAE authorities also revealed that they found pesticides beyond permissible limits in fruits and vegetables imported from India.

The petition said that the director general of health services, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Jagdish Prasad, had called for big and small fast food chains in India to stop using antibiotics in chicken and other food products.