Luminaries: Karim-ul-haque – Bike ambulance man.


Karim-UL- Haque is the man behind ‘bike ambulance’ in Jalpaiguri who received Padma Shri on Republic Day 2017 for Social Work.

Karim-UL- Haque, a tea garden worker aged 52 years has dedicated his life 24/7 for the selfless service to humanity. Karim- Ul- Haque is giving free services of Bike Ambulance services for the local people in remote area of Jalpaiguri district. A ‘Bike’ to serve as an ambulance is an inconceivable concept for us. But then as the saying goes,” where there is a will there is a way!”

Karimul Haque lost his mother Zafuran Nessa at 2 am in the night due to non availability of basic health infrastructure! The pain of helplessness of that fatal night stayed with him over the passage of time. To get over the intense pain that was eating his heart out, his enterprising brain was planning to help other helpless families in similar situation. And suddenly out of nowhere, an incident occurred that proved a breakthrough for him.

One day while working in the tea garden, a fellow worker fainted. As there was no other means to rush the patient to the hospital, Karimul Haque took him on his bike. The incident gave him a hope that his bike can come to the aid of helpless sufferers as an ambulance.

Since that day, Karimul’s bike is treading the rough broken roads and rivers of villages to pick up the patients at all hours. Till date, Karimul Haque has taken more than 3000 patients from nearby 15 villages on his bike ambulance. The people from the villages in Jalpaiguri district are indebted to Karimul Haque and look up to him as a God! Karimul Haque brushes off the compliments of people saying he is just an ordinary man.

To help him in his noble selfless mission, Bajaj Auto Company presented him with a specially designed V15 bike ambulance. Now Karimul’s Bike Ambulance Service and his contact number have become popular among not just the villagers from nearby villages but also among Doctors, Police and other Block Officials. The nearby villages are deprived of any proper health care centres facilitated with the arrangements for the treatment of critical illness and surgery. There is another hospital in the Malbazar town in the district across river, but there is no over bridge from the Dhalabari village, where most people work as tea gardeners. So Karimul has to drive 45 kms in one stretch.

Karimul earns four thousand rupees each monthh from his job in the tea estate. He keeps 25% of his salary aside for fuel cost, etc for ‘bike ambulance’. Even his family members are supportive in his work. Karimul’s wife Anjuara Begum said, “ We are all the members of the family supportive of him in continuing his service.” His Employer appreciates the great social service done by Karimul and had provided him with flexibility in working hours.

Karimul was awarded ‘Ananya Samman’ (Exceptional  Award) 2011 for his social service from ZEE Group Bengali News TV Channel 24 Ghanta in Kolkata. He was also awarded by local BDO a ‘Bravery’ Award. Locals now want ‘Presidential Award’ for his social service.

Karimul Haque vows to continue to save lives till his last breath as a Service to Allah. We are proud  of this real Hero of India who has achieved great heights in Selfless Service by the strength of his willpower[1].

[1] Reference from



Aruna Asaf Ali Memorial Trust

          Aruna  Asaf Ali Memorial Trust

Aruna Asaf Ali (Bharat Ratna) an illustrious daughter of India. Her legendary role in India’s freedom struggle and outstanding services  to the country in the post Independence period stand out as a model to be emulated by fellow Indians.  The Trust was established in 1997 in memory of Aruna Asaf Ali. Later, Aruna Asaf Ali Memorial Trust Bhawan was inaugurated on 25th Feb 2006 in sector 44-A , Chandigarh.

Aruna Asaf Ali Memorial Trust build a Bhawan in her memory for the upliftment of the under privileged, specially the women, girl child and the children, an equitable society free from communal and caste hatred and world peace.

Five sections started functioning in 2006 for:

  1. Child Labour Education Centre for working children.
  2. Open school where those children are admitted who have never been to school or drop outs.
  3. Computer Training Centre with nominal fee and free for the poor young boys and girls.
  4. Beautician Training Centre for girls and ladies to train them in skills.
  5. Craft centre tailoring, embroidery machines and hand knitting crochet etc.
  6. Every Wednesday a counselling commission meet and tries to bring about amicable solutions of family disputes through counselling. In heinous crimes like dowry deaths and rape, the victims are helped to get justice.

Present Projects

Presently the trust is running:

aruna asif 0041Disha: Child Labour Education Centres (Aruna Bhawan,Sector44; Labour Colony, Sector 25). Under the project children are adopted and prepared for class 5th They are provided books, uniform and other materials. The trust under takes to support them till they obtain admissions into  courses  vocational.aruna asif 0042


Open School: (Aruna Bhawan; Labour Coloney, Sector 21, Panchkula) A similar centre to Disha is being run at Panchkula as an open school.                                                               

Craft & Tailoring Training Centres: (Village Nads; VillageNaya Gaon; Village Togan; & Aruna Bhawan) Women & girls are trained in cutting, stitching and embroidery. On completion of the course an exam is conducted by the ITI in Chandigarh and  Certificates are awarded to successful students. Sewing machines are  also gifted to the needy.

aruna asif 0035

Beauty Therapy Traning Centres: (Village Naya Gaon; Village Togan; & Aruna Bhawan) six month training in basic Beauty culture is provided by professionals. Successful students are awarded certificates and kits to start  their own work.             

aruna asif 0047 

Computer Centre: (Aruna Bhawan) The computer lab has 9 work stations. The trust runs  6 month basic courses followed by another 6 month intermediate level course for students. Successful students are awarded  certificates. Most of  students get placed after completing the course.   aruna asif 0046

Counselling Sessions: Every Saturday  counselling sessions are held between 11.a.m to 2 p.m. Cases of violence against women, Dowry disputes, rape, desertion, and female foeticide are taken up. Efforts are made to bring about amicable settlements. Where a heinous crime committed, the victim is helped to get justice within the legal frame work.

Food Nutrition Scheme: Children attending the classes at Aruna Bhawan are provided 200 ml milk and a sweet bun before the classes.

Medical Camps: Bi-annual medical camp are held at the Bhawan. Local doctors, volunteers, and pharmaceutical companies donate medicines for the patients.aruna asif 0034

Awareness Camps for Women: Camps are held annually for under-privileged women at the Bhawan and Sector 25 Labour Colony. They are given practical information about laws that give them equal rights as citizens.   aruna asif 0032


  Relief Aid: The Trust helps in organizing relief in the form of funds, clothes, and also assists in the rehabilitation of people affected by major calamities and natural disasters. A safe Shelter for battered and homeless women is located at the Aruna Trust Bhawan.aruna asif 0043

 Extra Curricular Activities: Outing and Picnic are also organised for poor children and women.  aruna asif 0033                                 

Annual Inter-Collegiate Debate: Since 1997 an annual Debate or Declamation contest on socially relevant subjects is organised in districts of Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh.

Oshima Raikhy – A Freedom Fighter & Social Worker


Oshima Raikhy Founder of Aruna Asaf Ali memorial trust, a voluntary organisation working for women empowerment, skills development and education of poor children; in sector 44 Chandigarh where the institution has constructed its own building wiz Aruna Asaf Ali Bhawan .
After having been inspired by Mahatma Gandhi and Aruna Asaf Ali ,during the freedom struggle in 1942; Oshima Raikhy moved to Jalandhar in 1947 and joined the AWIC (All India Women’s conference) a PAN Indian Women Organisation.
After moving to Chandigarh she pioneered the Punjab Istri Sabha , as a branch of national Federation of Indian Women, to fight for the gender equality and other social evils. Later the Sabha started a counselling center for redressal of marital discord cases at the Punjab Red Cross Bhawan for helping women in distress.

Although, now above 90 years of age, Oshima Raikhy is still active and is the mentor to the management of the Aruna Asaf Ali memorial trust.
Born on January 1, 1921; Oshima Raikhy completed her post graduation after India’s Independence ,being a graduate from Lahore during pre partition days. She has been associated with servile Social Welfare Organisations in India like the; association of Social Health in India (ASHI), Life member of Punjab Red Cross Society and also Punjab Child Welfare Council her services were recognised by the Chandigarh administration also and she was Owner rd with a state level award on the Republic Day by Chandigarh administration.


See Prayaas in Ngo’s Forum list

PRAYAAS is a noble attempt to help children with Special needs to get back into the mainstream of life. PRAYAAS-Rehabilitation Centre for Handicapped Children ( RCHC ) is a project of Indian Council for Child Welfare (ICCW), UT Chandigarh. PRAYAAS has its own 5 storey building, situated at Dakshin Marg, Sector-38-B, Chandigarh.

This centre established in 1985, caters to children with different types of disabilities like Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Mental Retardation, Speech, & Hearing Impairment, Developmental Delay, Learning Disorders and Congenital & acquired Disorders causing disabilities.

PRAYAAS offers rehabilitation services to all children at heavily subsidized costs & free to the poor patients (BPL).

PRAYAAS has active partners in an NGO, the ICCW and the biggest tertiary care hospital in the region, the PGIMER. Hence disabled children get the benefit of the infrastructure established by ICCW and investigative & consultancy support of Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh.

001 (4)


Comprehensive multi disciplinary diagnosis and rehabilitation services are provided by  a team of Therapists including Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Clinical Psychologist & Special Teachers etc. Under one building which spares the patients hassles of moving from one hospital to another. Medical Social Worker co-ordinates various services being provided.

Detailed Neuro-Developmental Assessment is conducted by a Neuro-Developmental Pediatrician. Children also get assessment by an ENT Specialist, an Ophthalmologist and Orthopedic Surgeon all of whom are senior visiting consultants from the PGIMER. Biochemical & Radiological investigations and operations are conducted at PGIMER and post operative follow up is done at PRAYASS.

PRAYAAS has a team of highly committed professionals who administer the treatment to children and counsel the parents. The centre also provides orthopedic aids/appliances & hearing aids free of cost to the poor & needy patients. Outreach services help in early identification of disabilities through camps in urban slums and nearby rural areas of Chandigarh.



Occupational Therapy

Speech Therapy

Clinical psychology (IQ test & counselling)

Medical Social Worker

Preparatory School for Special Children

PRAYAAS has registered/enrolled more than 20,000 children for treatment from distant parts of the country, so far. This number is ever increasing. A preparatory School for Special Children was started in 2002. Children suffering from Cerebral Palsy and Autism have found a new lease of life under the expert guidance of Special Educators.

Future Plans

In subsequent phases of development, it is proposed to establish a Hydrotherapy Pool & Activity Centre with various kinds of vocational programmes in PRAYAAS premises for adolescents & youth.

It is also planned to make PRAYAAS a regional training centre for early identification and intervention by organizing formal training programmes for therapists and grassroot level health workers.

Financial support is required for provision of trained manpower, to cope with increasing workload and provision of Special teaching aids equipment for the Centre.

001 (3)001 (2)


This unique venture has been awarded Sant Avtar Singh Mastana Memorial Award 2002 by the Disabled Welfare Society Punjab (Regd.) in appreciation of the Selfless devotion and distinctive institutional services for the rehabilitation of handicapped children.

You can make the Difference

“PRAYAAS” is supported by many trusts, individual philanthropists and noble souls.

A Stalwart in Education


A Stalwart in Education                                                                                                   

MA, Bed Sneh Prabha Arora has been associated with the “The Sanatan Dharam Educational Society” since 1970, running a school for poor children. At the same time, Sneh Prabha Arora worked as a probationary officer with the UCO Bank.

The Society undertook several other welfare projects for women and children over the years. Supported by 18 dedicated social workers, Sneh Prabha Arora was able to run many awareness campaigns for women empowerment.

She ventured into several un-explored areas of Chandigarh and had won over the confidence of the slum dwellers. She holds high esteem in different Departments of Chandigarh Administration.