Another setback for NGO movement in India

While the NGO sector in the country is already under pressure, because of its treatment by the Government; cancelation of F.C.R.A. registrations and substantial cuts in financial assistance – the scam of Srijan NGO of Bhagalpur, Bihar; has highlighted the misuse of NGOs by the politicians for their own vested interests. The Deputy Chief MinisterRead More

NGO officials under Lokpal law could drive out ‘good’ people

NEW DELHI: A “bad law” too can drive the good people out. Civil society groups fear that prominent people associated with NGOs could move away to protect their privacy in view of the government’s rule that stipulates them to declare their assets by month-end. Last month, senior functionaries of NGOs were put at par withRead More

The Civil Society- Accountability and Control

The civil society is built on the concept of participatory governments. Government is not business. Government is services. Small governments equipped with competence and public morality render better service than huge governments which can see the forest but not the woods. If the government is an essential asset, it must not be overloaded with responsibilities,Read More

Our Civil Society

Our Civil Society has been created to document and showcase the contribution of the Civil Society in community development, covering all aspects of social development. The portal will highlight the efforts of voluntary organizations, co-operatives, trusts, pressure groups, clusters and any other Non governmental agency working for the empowerment and enrichment of the Human RaceRead More