Another setback for NGO movement in India

While the NGO sector in the country is already under pressure, because of its treatment by the Government; cancelation of F.C.R.A. registrations and substantial cuts in financial assistance – the scam of Srijan NGO of Bhagalpur, Bihar; has highlighted the misuse of NGOs by the politicians for their own vested interests.

The Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar is alleged to be associated with this NGO. This has given rise to high political drama leading to a CBI Probe.

An NGO involved with RS 950 Crore cannot be an ordinary neighbourhood NGO. It definitely had political patronage and interests.

The recent observation of the Supreme Court to bring in a new law to regulate NGOs does not seem to be finding favour with the government. Public debate and inviting recommendations from NGOs, Social Activists and Schools of Social Work, from all over the country, would have given the reforms transparency, acceptability and a regime free of scams.


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