Our Civil Society

Our Civil Society has been created to document and showcase the contribution of the Civil Society in community development, covering all aspects of social development. The portal will highlight the efforts of voluntary organizations, co-operatives, trusts, pressure groups, clusters and any other Non governmental agency working for the empowerment and enrichment of the Human Race in general and the marginalized groups in particular.
Our Civil Society will also recognize and highlight the contributions of social workers-luminaries, award winners, social workers, volunteers, professionals and leaders of social movements. Students have also been given a platform to enlist their areas of interest so that suitable organizations may contact them for professional engagement.
Our Civil Society is also providing a notice board to NGOs for listing them and providing linkages.
The major objective of the portal is to bring into focus and document the work of the NGOs through their reports in text, audio or video clips. The portal will also focus on the resources and materials produced for the use of NGOs. Books and Reports on social issues are also reviewed.
While representatives have been appointed in several towns, anyone interested to represent us anywhere in the country is welcome to contact us through email or telephone.
Your observations and views on the portal are welcome!


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