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Form for survey – amongst girls 18-30 years age on social awareness level

Form for survey – amongst girls 15-30 years age on social awareness level.

  • Please send me the correct Answers/Score on my Email ID/WhatsApp on Above Mobile. I am keen to learn about Social issues on women empowerment and wish to receive Whatsapp/Emails on the latest Information/developments. Acknowledgement Thanks for taking part in a survey conducted by Centre for Social Sciences. About the outcome of the study you will be informed on your Contact no/Email. However, you may also contact us for similar studies or information on different Social Issues, we provide services on the following *Civil Society Activism * NGO Governance & Training *Social Research *Disability Studies & Empowerment Website: www.ourcivilsociety.com, Email ID: centreforsocialsciences@rediffmail.com , Phone: 9041222282