Harassed husbands hold protest!

Chandigarh: People facing false charges of dowry harassment,
maintenance, rape, domestic violence and work place harassment
gathered at Sector 17 plaza on Sunday evening and expressed their
experiences with the people.
The gathering was organised by a registered trust, Save Indian Family
who is working in Chandigarh from the past three years for equal rights
and justice for men on the International Men’s Day.
During the interactive session with the men gathered at the plaza, trust
members informed that there is a separate ministry for the welfare of
women, more than ten thousand NGO’s working for the welfare of women
but nothing for men. Everybody comes forward for women but no one comes forward for men.
Maninder Singh, a member of the trust, said, “We are here to educate and create awareness among the citizens and the
discrimination face by them in their day-to-day life.”
Various persons who were a part of the event were the victims of false cases and claimed that they and their male family
members had been falsely booked under false cases of dowry and domestic violence. One of the victims, said, “My son was
falsely booked under dowry case. We have been harassed unnecessarily. This is a well organised initiative by the NGO as they
suggest and help male victims in many ways.”
11/19/2018 Harassed husbands hold protest, say law misused ­ Times of India
https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/chandigarh/harassed­husbands­hold­protest­say­law­misused/articleshowprint/66686952.cms 2/2
Besides this, trust members also informed that misuse of law by women against men also exists and harassment cases on
women is a highly misused law of the IPC. Even the senior judges and legal experts have ruled out misuse of law in many cases
against men by women.
Few men who did not want to be quoted told TOI that they had been put behind bars several times over false allegations.
Members also said, “Why not empower men?” Trust also provides counselling to save men from the misuse of law on their
national helpline number +91-8882498498.