NGO Celebrates Christmas with Slum Children


What is Christmas, why it is celebrated and how it is celebrated; was the teaching, during the celebrations organized by Disha NGO at Chandigarh, for the underprivileged children of kaimbwala and Kansal villages, here today.

Disha NGO is preparing Non – School going girls from the parents working as care takers, gardeners, sweepers, etc; for admission to the nearest schools.

The children at the Disha Centre were thrilled today when gifts like Woolen Sweaters, Woolen lowers, socks and caps were given to them curtsey Josan Heights(Builders) Kharar; Hotel Diplomat, Shimla and Snacks Curtsey Nik Bakers, the Lite batter and Nikamal Jewelers. The Prominent social workers Sh. Vinod Mittal of Nik Bakers, Smt. Simrit Josan of Josan Heights, Smt. Jatinder Kaur of Hotel Diplomat Shimla, Smt. Veena Jain of Nikamal Jewelers, Dr. Sudha Banth of the Lite Batter (Bakers) Smt. Rakesh,Smt. Yogita Kapoor, Parnish Shiv Dhiman and others joined in the cultural extravaganza.