NGO opens free medical store

Ludhiana: Small medical store has been opened up by the EK Noor NGO, in the premises of Civil hospital, In which they are providing free medicines to the poor patients. Allegedly it has been opened up without the permission.
While the EK Noor NGO use to help the poor patients, by guiding them In the hospital and taking care who wanted any kind of help.

Apparently, now they have opened up the pharmacy, and also kept Two pharmacist and provide free medicines to the poor patients.

Amarjit Singh, from Ek Noor NGO said, :Yes we have opened up a small pharmacy and have kept few medicines also. We bring medicine from a wholesale shops from city itself and give these medicines to poor patients. He further added, ” Two pharmacist are their as well. Medicines are given from our help desk which is made to guide the patients. He added we are doing sewa and helping the poor patients.

On asking whether the permission has been taken to open this pharmacy in civil hospital he added, ” We did give a letter to Deputy Commissioner, Civil surgeon and to higher authorities. On asking for the copy of letter, he denied saying, can’t be provided at the moment.

Dr. Kulwinder Singh, Senior Medical Officer said, ” I also got to Know about this Two days back only and I will get it enquire about the same. He further added, ” no one can open up pharmacy within the premises of Civil hospital like this. Earlier they use to provide free medicines which were not available inside, or use to help some or the other way , but opening up a pharmacy is not allowed because there is already a pharmacy inside IN which govt is sending medicines.

Hardeep Singh Ghai, Civil Surgeon, Ludhiana district added, ” We can’t give any permission neither we have given to open any kind of medical store within the Civil hospital. They did come to me to talk about the same, but I denied saying we cant give any such permission, and if they have any proposal they can give in written to us.
Brahm Mohindera, Health Minister, while talking to Times of India on phone said, ” this is not allowed at all. I have told Civil surgeon to visit the spot immediately and check and give me first hand information. He further added, ” it can’t be open within the premises of Civil hospital. If their is anything it will be checked immediately.