Recording Studio opened

Disha- The Harbinger of social change, a voluntary change opened a recording studio for recording books for the benefit of the visually impaired in district Mohali, Punjab on the outskirts of Chandigarh. The students of the Masters in Social Work from Punjab University, visited the Disha’s activity complex where the recording studio has been established.

The students were apparised about the activities of Disha and the experiences of community work in the fields of women empowerment, child welfare, tree plantation, poster competition, distribution of clothing etc. were discussed. Several new areas of intervention were suggested by the university students.

Several students volunteered to donate their time for recording sessions some of them undertook to record audio textbooks at their hostels or homes; by disha.

Shri Prashant Sharma field supervisor of the Centre for Social Work Punjab University led the students.

By Chaitanya Mukund.

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