Role Model

Role Model – Jasmeen Kaur

Jasmeen Kaur

Jasmeen Kaur is crusader for Mental Health Issues which plague our society. A professionally qualified psychologist, she is running a counselling centre at Zirakpur, near Chandigarh.

Jasmeen completed her M.Phil in Clinical Psychology after Post Graduate Diploma in Couselling and Guidance. She feels, the Mental Health needs to be taken care of from childhood itself.

Jasmeen says, “My goal is to spread awareness regarding the mental health. To help people understand the importance of mental health, helping them to understand that mental illness is just like any other illness and should not be considered a taboo. The person with mental illness or psychological issues requires support and treatment and not a label. Mental health is to be taken care of right from the childhood just like the way the physical health of a child is given importance.

I have conducted workshops regarding mental health awareness in schools and colleges and would like to help the people to cope up with the daily life challenges so that they can lead a healthy and successful life”.

Jasmeen Kaur can be contacted on her email id:

Mob: 8146654496