Role Model

Role Model – Rajni Bala Yadav

Rajni Bala Yadav

Rajni Bala Yadav belongs to Pinjore, Haryana and she is 31 years old. She has completed her M.A, M.Ed and is a social mobiliser with Shiksha Pre – School for the blind. Rajni is orthopedically challenged but in spite of her own disabilities she is actively participating in social welfare activities. Rajni Says:   

“My father has always been the major source of inspiration. I have seen him helping everyone in the society around him. I always looked up to him and wanted to be like him from a very young age.

Following the path i was encouraged to give a helping hand to people who need it. That made me help many disabled students in Panjab University in different ways like making notes, files and assignments for blind children, and even in writing their exams as a scribe.

My goal is to become a lecturer and to help the needy ones”.

Rajni bala yadav can be contacted on her email id: