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Role Model – Rohan Singla

Rohan Singla

My name is Rohan Singla. I was born in Jagraon , a small town near Ludhiana , Punjab. I was brought up in there and took my primary education from D.A.V Centenary Public School. Currently, I am pursuing Mechanical Engineering from P.E.C. Chandigarh. My greatest inspiration is my sister who herself is differently abled suffering from low vision. She motivates me to help people in whichever way I can. I have been working with Punarkriti-NGO from the 1st year of my college teaching the underprivileged. Recently, I got a chance to work with Disha, which gives me immense pleasure whenever I get chance to meet and teach the kids. My aspirations are just continue my services towards social work and betterment of the society.

Rohan Singla can be contacted on his Mob: +91 94644 33087