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Role Model – Shivani Raik

Shivani Raik

Shivani Raik belongs to the Apple Valley of upper Shimla District – KotKhai. She is a blood donor and associated with NGOs like Disha NGO and Can & Will Foundation.

Shivani Tells about herself:  I am Shivani Raik from Shimla. I am social worker and for me social work is my hobby. I believe there is no better satisfaction in life than giving a moment of happiness to the ones who have forgotten how to smile”

I earned my Masters Degree in Sociology from Mcm Dav College Chandigarh and my Bachelors in Humanities from the same college. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work in a variety of settings and gained experience from all of them. I started my career from an IT company in 2015. Thereafter I joined Disha NGO where i worked as a counsellor and handled different work modules like women empowerment and preschool education, etc. It is part of my nature to give care to others, helping to make their lives better and happier. Basically I work with students on different levels based on their needs. My goal is to make sure students and families have access to resources that will benefit them in school and in society. I cherished being part of different programs reaching out to the people from needy and economically weaker sections of the society.

Shivani Raik is available on her Email id: