Rs 2,500 per year fee, free two-wheelers, laptops: It’s sale season in engineering colleges

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Staring at the possibility of thousands of seats going vacant and facing imminent closure under All Indian Council for Technical Education (AICTE) norms, private engineering colleges are now offering all kinds of lures to attract students. From fees as low as Rs 2,500 per year to offers of free laptops and two-wheelers, colleges are now adopting new marketing strategies to woo students.


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Too Few Girl Students in IITs! What about other technical Colleges?


The number of girl students studying at the Indian Institutes of technology (IITs) is set to go up as official figures show that the percentage of seats secured by them this year has gone up to 15.39% compared to 9.15% in 2017.



It’s raining SALE in engineering colleges


The economics of demandsupply, and quality, is finally catching up with the private colleges offering engineering courses in Gujarat. Staring at the possibility of thousands of seats going vacant again, and facing imminent closure under AICTE norms, many of these institutes have started luring students with “attractive offers” in the hope of ensuring their survival.


BTech blank in private institutes


Salt Lake: Nearly half the 80 private engineering colleges in Bengal might need to close down after failing to fill more than 70 per cent of their first-year BTech seats this academic season.