Serving Humanity


Arashdeep Kaur reaches out to the needy by organising free langars outside PGI.

They say charity begins at home. And living up to it is Arashdeep Kaur, who is pursuing a master’s degree in Social Work from the Centre for Social Work,of a Punjab University. Following in the footsteps of Padma Shri awardee Bhagat Puran Singh, founder of All India Pingalwara Charitable Society Arashdeep believes in ‘serving humanity’.

In-charge of the NGO Udham Emergency Blood Donation and Welfare Association, this girl has taken it upon herself to reach out to the needy by organising langars outside PGI. The NGO also helps raise awareness among University students about the importance of blood donation camps. She talks about it and more.

Motivational factor

One often wonders what inspires youngsters. Do they seek motivation from some pioneers or is it the values ingrained in them? Arashdeep says it is a mixture of both. She proudly states, “Bhagat Puran Singh, founder of Pingalwara in Amritsar — a house that tends to the destitute has always been a foundation of inspiration.”

Feathers In the cap

In-charge of PU-registered NGO Udham Emergency Blood Donation and Welfare Association, Arashdeep shares that the NGO, “Organisers drive to boost blood donation. The collections are sent to PGI, Fortis Hospital, Max Hospital, among others.”

Always upfront about her willingness to serve the society’, she raises funds for the needy’. After collection of enough funds, langar is held outside PGI. “Hordes of people satiate their appetite and go home with wide smiles, which gives me much satisfaction,” she says with a glint in her eyes.

Apart from mading contributions for the betterment of society through social work, she is also a passionate theatre artist. “I have been securing top positions in the Youth Festivals for my performances. In 2014, I waas awarded the second positioon for a Punjabi play,” she says.

Taking pride in her being an all-rounder, Arashdeep informs, “I am a district-level Kho Kho champion as well.”

Flipside of being an achiever

Arashdeep claims that social work gratifies her like nothing else. “There can never be a flipside to being a social worker. Extending a helping hand to the society is the most exhilarating experience ever,” she smiles.

Words of wisdom

“Serves the society selflessly and bring a smile to someone’s face is my mantra.” she smiles.

By  Manika AHUJA

The Tribune LIFE+STYLE on 24 Feburary2016