Parmod Sharma quest for peace

Parmod Sharma quest for peace

Parmod Sharma is popular with his International Peace festival organized around Gandhi Jyanti, each year; Inviting deligates from around the world and undertaking activities with the youths of different countries to create a bondge and understanding for lasting peace in the world. With little financial help from the administration, Parmod Sharma raises donations for hosting the International deligtes Parmod Sharma is the promoter of Yuvsatta, a society working for the community at Chandigarh. Born on_______the bio sketch of Parmod Sharma is given below.
I come from a middle class family from erstwhile east Punjab (now Pakistan), and presently settled in Chandigarh in India. Overcoming the travails of partition of India, my family started with modest means. Coming from this background, I groomed through grassroots problems of poverty and middle class families. Having experienced rigors of life, it became a passion to be helpful to others. The idea goaded me to start activities beneficial to the common man. And unlike any formally educated young man, I choose the road towards slums and dedicated my life for the marginalized people and promoting the spirit of volunteering and culture of peace amongst young people worldwide.
I hope you’ll note that activism in developing societies in general and India in particular, is not a paid vacation, unlike in the developed societies of the west. One is not paid to do so; rather one has to pay to engage in any kind of activism, so did I. I started a youth club in college, then a newspaper which frequently changed its periodicity depending upon the resources, founded a non government organization, started a ‘Girl Star Project’ for ‘Girl Child Friendly Cities’, counseling centre’s, created waste management mechanisms, initiated the concept of peace clubs in Schools and above all organized ten international youth peace fests to unite the young people beyond borders to promote nonviolence, volunteerism and work for common good of all.
I am a firm believer in Gandhian ideas of Constructive Programmed based on voluntary effort plus individual & community action, I had also edited two books on the theme of ‘Millennium Without Violence’ and ‘Need for Afro-Asian Dialogue’. Presently working as Coordinator of a Chandigarh based NGO-Yuvsatta (youth for peace), I had done my Master and later M. Phil. from Department of Gandhian & Peace Studies, Panjab University, Chandigarh, India.
Awards& Honors
-ACHAPeace Star Award 2012, Association for Communal Harmony in Asia (ACHA), USA, for promoting peace, harmony and empowering the marginalized
-Education Department, Chandigarh Administration, 2007 & 2008
For working for children from slums & promotion of Peace education in Schools.
– Gandhi Smriti & DarshanSamiti, New Delhi, 2000
for successfully organizing aWorld Youth Conference;
– Blood Bank Society, Chandigarh, India, 1996 and 1999
for the promotion of Blood Donation Movement;
– Vir Deva Foundation, Chandigarh, India, 1997
for social work and humanisticendeavours;
– College Colour,Government College, Chandigarh, India, 1986
for distinctive achievements inNational Cadet Corps (Army Wing).
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  1. I was angry, my parents would say “No you’re not.” If I said I was hungry, my parents said “No you’re not.” If I said I needed to cry, my parents said “No you don’t.” Are we seeing a pattern here? Now when someone asks me how I feel about anything, I literally have to stop and THINK about it. Sometimes the words and thoughts just leave my head totally and that is not an exntregagioa. My therapist once said to me “You mean that quiet thing you do ISN’T about keeping things from me?!” I was like ummmmm DUH! So is this the same kind of thing?

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