Luminaries: Karim-ul-haque – Bike ambulance man.


Karim-UL- Haque is the man behind ‘bike ambulance’ in Jalpaiguri who received Padma Shri on Republic Day 2017 for Social Work.

Karim-UL- Haque, a tea garden worker aged 52 years has dedicated his life 24/7 for the selfless service to humanity. Karim- Ul- Haque is giving free services of Bike Ambulance services for the local people in remote area of Jalpaiguri district. A ‘Bike’ to serve as an ambulance is an inconceivable concept for us. But then as the saying goes,” where there is a will there is a way!”

Karimul Haque lost his mother Zafuran Nessa at 2 am in the night due to non availability of basic health infrastructure! The pain of helplessness of that fatal night stayed with him over the passage of time. To get over the intense pain that was eating his heart out, his enterprising brain was planning to help other helpless families in similar situation. And suddenly out of nowhere, an incident occurred that proved a breakthrough for him.

One day while working in the tea garden, a fellow worker fainted. As there was no other means to rush the patient to the hospital, Karimul Haque took him on his bike. The incident gave him a hope that his bike can come to the aid of helpless sufferers as an ambulance.

Since that day, Karimul’s bike is treading the rough broken roads and rivers of villages to pick up the patients at all hours. Till date, Karimul Haque has taken more than 3000 patients from nearby 15 villages on his bike ambulance. The people from the villages in Jalpaiguri district are indebted to Karimul Haque and look up to him as a God! Karimul Haque brushes off the compliments of people saying he is just an ordinary man.

To help him in his noble selfless mission, Bajaj Auto Company presented him with a specially designed V15 bike ambulance. Now Karimul’s Bike Ambulance Service and his contact number have become popular among not just the villagers from nearby villages but also among Doctors, Police and other Block Officials. The nearby villages are deprived of any proper health care centres facilitated with the arrangements for the treatment of critical illness and surgery. There is another hospital in the Malbazar town in the district across river, but there is no over bridge from the Dhalabari village, where most people work as tea gardeners. So Karimul has to drive 45 kms in one stretch.

Karimul earns four thousand rupees each monthh from his job in the tea estate. He keeps 25% of his salary aside for fuel cost, etc for ‘bike ambulance’. Even his family members are supportive in his work. Karimul’s wife Anjuara Begum said, “ We are all the members of the family supportive of him in continuing his service.” His Employer appreciates the great social service done by Karimul and had provided him with flexibility in working hours.

Karimul was awarded ‘Ananya Samman’ (Exceptional  Award) 2011 for his social service from ZEE Group Bengali News TV Channel 24 Ghanta in Kolkata. He was also awarded by local BDO a ‘Bravery’ Award. Locals now want ‘Presidential Award’ for his social service.

Karimul Haque vows to continue to save lives till his last breath as a Service to Allah. We are proud  of this real Hero of India who has achieved great heights in Selfless Service by the strength of his willpower[1].

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