Saoumyaa Singh

Saoumyaa Singh, aged 25 years, is a teacher in a school for economically deprived children called Shanti Bhavan Residential School.  Teaching was something that she always wanted to do.Right from the age of five. Her inspiration has been her teachers who guided her on to the right path.She recalls:

“I remember how when the others used to play the game of home making as a child, I used to be the teacher of the school where the kids would go and study. 

Indian education system has improved drastically but still has many flaws within. My ambition to be a teacher was not just to earn a bread, but to make a difference to the same. I want the people to understand the true value of education. I want to make them aware of the idea that education is not limited just to the academic performance of a child, but to have an overall development. Also, being orthopedically challenged, I want to make a change in the idea of considering the physically challenged a liability.”