Jaideep Singh hails from Amritsar, Punjab and currently, he is pursuing his bachelor’s in technology from Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh.

According to him, “It is necessary to build a society where no one feels left behind and lives with dignity.”

This notion keeps him going and encourages him to work for a sustainable, humane and a pluralistic society which ensures wholesome growth for each individual.

Being part of IMAGES and Rotaract Mohali he was involved in many social welfare activities like food grain distribution, awareness seminars, organizing events for children. Currently, he is actively recording books for the blind people in collaboration with DISHA NGO. In the past, he has also contributed by teaching children their basic subjects at DISHA NGO.

He stresses upon building a social fabric which is mature, caring and capable of supporting and nurturing all without any discrimination and fear.

Jaideep can be contacted on his email: jaisingh13@outlook.com.